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We provide practical solutions to cover all the aspects of tinting in industries and stores.


Tintaly® and Eurotints® are the international brands of our tinting systems and color related technologies. In this field we have the know-how and experience to supply all the tinting system components: colorants, dispensers, mixers, software, marketing material and technical services.
Our team of Italian professionals come from different industrial sectors and brings to the company decades of technical and commercial experience in the fields of colorants manufacturing, dispensing and mixing equipment selection, color software development, color matching and consulting.

New factory, better service

From October 2017 we will start production in our new factory in Guangdong. Located in the same district as the old facility we have more space, better environment, new machinery and labs. Be sure management and clean technology are the same!
We are also delivering a new set of colorants for tinting equipments with better characteristics and affordable prices. To support our colorants lines we have updated our software and our Cloud services with new features and extended Windows compatibility.

Safe and clean

All our colorants are formulated for the greatest environment protection and the maximum safety for users and consumers. They do not contain substances classified dangerous for health and environment. All our formulations are APEO-Free and VOC-Free so they do not increase polluting emissions during the application and drying of tinted coatings.
As our formulations do not contain dangerous substances for health and environment, they are classified as “not dangerous” and are “labeling free” under European (EU) regulations.

Colorants for tinting machines

Tinting system colorants are specifically formulated for architectural coatings. Viscosity, weight and volume strength are carefully controlled to deliver consistent colors in any tinting environment.
These products have good light and weathering resistance with a complete selection of color indexes for both interior and exterior use.
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Industrial colorants

Advanced high concentrated industrial colorants are used for tinting large batches of architectural coatings. They are specifically formulated to be successfully used in factories and large retail operations.
Thanks to the wide compatibility, these colorants are suitable for the tinting of a wide range of decorative coatings.
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Do-it-yourself colorants

DIY colorants are a practical and economical way to prepare color paints by final customers and professional applicators.
Coming in different packagings the quantity of colorant is suitable for tinting even limited quantities of paint without wasting product and money. The high tinting strength ensures good results with minimum dosage.
The advanced DIY product formulation ensures high compatibility with a wide range of water based and solvent based paints.
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